Women change clothes 4 times a day when on vacation

Sept 6, 2012

A United Kingdom study has found the average woman wears twenty eight different outfits during a seven day vacation. One in twenty stating they often change what they are wearing multiple times a day so they can use all the outfits in their suit case.

different outfits

The survey of two thousand females, at British high street store Tesco, also uncovered women will then purchase another two items of apparel or footwear to add to their collection while on vacation.

According to the survey, the average suitcase for a vacation will have 4 dresses, 6 tops and 4 pairs of skirts or shorts. 2 pairs of pants or jeans also get packed, as do 3 bikinis or swimsuits, 3 pairs of sandals and two other pairs of footwear.

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